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Voice Calls

Flexible, scalable, cost efficient and future proof, IP telephony is the way forward for business telecoms.

IP Telephony (IPT), also known as VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol), utilises the internet to carry voice traffic rather than the “traditional’ public telephone network. The concept of convergence, where voice and data are passed over the same network, has been around for some time and the reality is that much of the public telephone network already uses IP.

There are many advantages to IP telephony, largely revolving around the additional functionality and improved efficiency that becomes available when using hosted solutions. Below are just a few of the benefits.

  • More efficient call handling, with features such as call forwarding included as standard.

  • All sizes of business can make use of the same features and functionality (e.g. voicemail, music on hold, hunt groups) which were once the exclusive preserve of larger corporates.

  • Keep your existing telephone number wherever you go.

  • Upsize or downsize your telephone system with minimal investment and no disruption to your business.

  • Reduced line rental charges.

  • Lower call charges and free site-to-site calls.

  • Business Continuity: unexpected events such as snow or floods needn’t disrupt your business. IP telephony allows employees to carry on making and taking calls, no matter where they are physically.

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