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Barley Group new Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Captive Portal


Our  Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Captive Portal service is the perfect pairing to enhance your companies' deployments of  Barley Ubiquiti UniFi networks. If you already have your own UniFi Wifi network  you can now easily  maximise the potential of guests and customers by collecting WiFi user details. 

Customers of your business or individuals guests will be given access to the Wifi after a brief registration involving names, emails, phone numbers or another data types you choose. This data can then be easily exported into Excel. The portal splash page can be customised extensively with your own logos and images, making it unique to your business and improving both the user experience and the interaction between your guests and customers. There is also integration available for Webhooks to allow you to import the data for marketing campaigns into applications such as:


  • Zapier

  • Mailchimp


  • Wyzebulb

  • Integromat

  • your own custom Webhook URL

The portal is ideal for guest devices as you can limit both their access to devices, the speeds and duration allowing you to tailor your Wifi access to your needs.

Feature set

login page 1.PNG

An example login experience 

Quick and easy sign up with social media accounts while still capturing email

Social Login

Visit Frequency data so you can identity and reward your best customers

Loyalty Stats

Built to work with UniFi WiFi equipment with no other hardware required


Capture customer email during WiFi sign in. Verified emails for your customers

Email Capture

Date of your customers last visit so you can bring lapsed customers back for more

Last Visit

Conforms to the highest standards of global data regulation including GDPR



Customers only register once with automatic connection on each subsequent visit 

Device recognition 

Segment users by location in larger WiFi deployments or multi brand network 

Micro Targeting

Create unique WiFi signals for events and segment customer data by event

Event tracking

Customize the user experience with your brand colours and logos


Increase your business ranking on TripAdvisor by generating automatic reviews with your customer data

TripAdvisor Integration

Easily export your data to your favourite email marketing application with csv export


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