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BarleyGroupCloud Unifi New Cloud Mesh Wifi Systems

World leading Mesh Wi-Fi solutions for every application, business , smart homes, leisure areas both in and outdoor

Consult BarleyGroupCloud today your experts in Cloud Mesh Wi-Fi applications for all your needs.

UniFi® is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that BarleyGroupCloud combines enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a central management controller to add to your existing Cloud based solutions

Know more about and control your own networks more than ever before

Unlike traditional enterprise Wi-Fi systems that use a hardware controller, UniFi comes bundled with a non-dedicated software controller that can be deployed on an on-site PC, Mac, or Linux machine; in a private cloud; or using a public cloud service, so you can monitor all your devices and connected users

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Discrete and seamless installations 

Ubiquiti supply small and easy to install kits and BarleyGroupCloud will survey your site and install the devices without the need for invasive procedures or large pieces of hardware. The smart apps work in businesses and smart home residences so there is no limit to the Unifi mesh systems

Expandable unified systems

Expandable unlimited scalability: build wireless networks as big or small as needed. Start with one (or upgrade to a three‑pack) and expand to thousands while maintaining a single unified management system.

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