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So Goodbye to all Landlines and all their business costs. (News update)

Say Goodbye to all Landlines and all their costs!

BarleyGroupCloud Ltd, Launch new G.Fast and SoGEA services for businesses and are available for all to apply now.

Why pay for unnecessary charges in these challenging times.

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access

What it means to all businesses explained.

The product that does away with the concept of all land line rentals and costs in addition to your broadband product charges.

The voice line vanishes because there is no provision for the old fashioned dial tone and voice calls.

BT/Openreach have announced the withdrawal WLR which means the traditional voice and other services across PSTN will come to an end.

BarleyGroupCloud new data broadband broadband services are referred to as Single Order Broadband and will consist of the following.

SoGEA fttp, SoGfast, SoGEA and SoTAP great Ethernet great prices.

Landlines are closing down we need to have you prepared.

When landlines close hosted business services will have to be in place and we at BarleyGroupCloud will support you through these changes with one stop shop and billing for all your new requirements.

Our HC Select services come in a range of level offering from IP Hosted Basic, IP Hosted Standard and IP Hosted Professional.

We want simple.

We don't want it to be complicated at BarleyGroupCloud and I am sure you don't either so our team will be contact shortly, to talk you through the process and explain the changes and benefits SoGEA will deliver for you business.

BarleyGroupCloud new SoGEA products are designed for every type and size of business customers infrastructure, we offer a free survey to determine the correct new products for your needs.

Call 0203 167 1716 or email

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