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Short Term Connectivity

Short-term Connectivity

Fixed line networks are under more pressure now than ever.

Are your internet connections coping with home working?

Home working has been challenging - the last thing we need is slow internet.

The increase in home working means that broadband is stretched between video for online meetings, streaming and gaming as well as general internet usage for the children home-schooling.

Home-based solutions aren’t meeting the demands that are now set on them.

Barley Group Cloud have a solution we can help.

Short-term dedicated broadband connectivity to help you stay ahead in business.

  • 4G with all-you-can-eat unlimited data, a pre-configured plug-and-play router on a three-month term.

  • One single monthly payment £84.00 for three - months and no upfront costs.

  • If the device is still being used after the initial three-month term, the cost of the hardware will have been covered - the monthly charge will then drop to just £35 / £39 to cover the data subscription.

  • Two available versions; a base level router designed for the single user and we also have a higher specification device for those that are likely to want multiple users in the same property.

What is included

  • Packaged router with UNLIMITED DATA

  • Instant Connectivity (4G/LTE & WiFi)

  • 90 Day Plan

  • Highly Reliable and Secure

  • Great for Rural Locations

  • Compact size with Easy installation

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