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Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

300 Mbps/GIGABIT speeds for businesses.

Department for Digital,Culture, Media & Sport.

£500-£3000.00 Grants now just available.

As a measure to improve widespread coverage and connectivity,

the Department for Digital,Culture, Media & Sport

have made a new proposal to provide business.

Grants are ranging between £500-£3000 to go towards

connecting super-fast connection.

These vouchers are effectively discount codes,

enabling qualifying business to benefit from reduced

costs on 300 Mbps / GIGABIT capable connections.

How to apply

There is no actual application process,

suppliers like Barley with qualifying products are able to

offer vouchers to customers with qualifying connections.

So we do all the paperwork you just enjoy your

new found speed.

Lets see if you qualify.

Call 0203 167 1716 (option 3) and speak to our adviser.

or email

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