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Solving the competitive disadvantage of slow rural broadband.

We have plenty of clients who enjoy good levels of internet connectivity with access to reliable superfast fibre and cable broadband.

But many living and working in rural areas remain at a competitive disadvantage due to slow broadband speeds with little guidance from the network operators on when their situation could improve.

Why can rural broadband be so slow?

Fast broadband needs modern infrastructure, but this isn’t cheap and network operators will consider what kind of return they’ll get for the investment. This unfortunately can mean that more remote rural locations miss out on upgrades as they’re not considered economically viable.

The broadband that is available to rural users can also be impacted by technological limitations. For example, many ADSL connections get slower the further you are from the exchange.

What can I do?

If your fixed line internet is slow, restricted to dial-up, mobile signals aren’t available and fibre optic remains unavailable, there’s always satellite broadband.

With Satellite Broadband there's no need for underground or overhead cables for an internet connection, all that's needed is a satellite dish and modem that connects to the dish.

This means it's never been easier to have access to the internet from anywhere in the world. Satellite can deliver download speeds up to 22Mbps and upload of up to 6Mbps.

Satellite broadband has a killer combination of good internet speeds and a huge amount of flexibility, which is a big advantage for most homes and businesses.

BarleyGroup can install satellite broadband for home and business users within 7 days of ordering and offer a wide range of speed and data packages to suit usage.

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